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Get one on one with jonmoss2000 - Tarot Reading and Western Astrology in Hungary right now. 25-30 years of experience in Western Astrology. "EVEN IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE QUESTION I STILL KNOW WHAT THE ANSWER IS" *** FREE CARD OF THE WEEK WHEN YOU HAVE A PRIVATE READING FROM ME*** ***CAN KNOW OFFER NUMEROLOGY CHARTS AND COMPATIBILITY*** XXXX 5 STAR TOP RATED PSYCHIC ON ORANUM XXXX ORANUMGLOBAL CHANNEL Subscribe so you can keep udated I've always 'seen' things that people would say are psychic and paranormal - and as a child, I had predictive dreams of 'things to come'. Being that age, I was growing and playing but being a kid, I never really questioned this too much. Not until I got to about fourteen, when for some reason, I became very aware of it all and began to question. It was then that I suddenly started to realise that not everyone was having these dreams. Or that no-one else had there own 'Cosmic Teachers' who would come along, dressed in white and teach me. Don't ask me what about as I can't remember it all - but I can remember seeing these people. I say people ... I couldn't tell if the Cosmic Teachers were male or female but at that age, it didn't matter or even come into my mind to ask. I remember playing 'schools' with my toy figures and I was asking these people what questions and answers I should give to my toy pupils. These people where very real to me as a child. My friends all started to go out and play football etc. but I used to stay in and think in my bedroom. I know now this was a form of meditation. My Nan used to have dreams like me but it wasn't until she died that I began to realise this - and ever since, I have regretted that I never spoke to her about the dreams when she was alive. I walked into my first spiritualist church, again when I was fourteen and I have never looked back really. I saw trans-configuration mediums, trance mediums, all whilst being involved with the spiritualist church - I even levitated a pub table during that time. I think the real turning point came when I stopped needing to search for proof of my abilities - for myself - when I was around nineteen or twenty years old. My Nan had passed away while I was at school but my Grandfather was still alive. I went over to see him, he was sat in a armchair on the right hand side of the fire place. My Nan, when she was alive, always used to sit on the left hand side. I looked over to my left and I saw my Nan sitting in the armchair with her arms open towards my Grandad. I started to explain this to my Grandad but he got upset so I stopped talking about it. That was on a Friday afternoon around 2pm - then Sunday came and my Grandad passed away - so my Nan had come back for him. After that I never really needed any more proof because I knew that I had proof enough right there and then. I had picked up my first deck of Tarot Cards when I was around sixteen and have been reading them from about the same time. I then progressed onto seeing people's Auric Field, which is a great tool for reading the character of people, certainly as a rough first guide. I think reading things like this comes easily for me. It doesn't really matter what it is. It could be string on the floor or sand - or doodles on a page. I just seem to see images in my head when I concentrate on them. So whatever means I use, it becomes a focal point for me. I enjoy expanding my psychic knowledge, studying paranormal subjects, such as recently, with astrology. I've also studied the druids and their traditions, as well as wicca. I am also a Reiki healer, training for 3 years. I'm proud to say that I was attuned in Stonehenge. I have been initiated into the Ancient Order of Melchizedek, Red Feather of Courage. (See link below.) I am a Paranormal Investigator/Auric Field Reader/Tarot Card Reader, as well as being a Psychic Medium and Sensitive. My aim is to prove to others the truth of what I have been seeing for years and I find that electronic technology has a big part to play in this, especially when used in conjunction with psychic skills. More About ME:- It started when i was a child i can remember having people all dressed in white robes come and teach me, i cant remember what the teachings where as i was too young to understand them but i do recall these people who came , to me they where as real as you would see anyone walking down the street but later in life i would fins out that this was not the case. So as a child growing up you are very excepting of thing so i just thought that these people that i could see where natural and that everyone else could see them the same as me. During this period i also used to dream a lot and i can remember dreaming about results to exams that help me pass them at school. it wasn't until i reached the age of around 14 that i started to realize that not everyone could see these people and that's when i also became very interested in spiritualism. I then went into my first church at around the same age and from then on the door of development just opened even wider than before. i started to develop my awareness of color and peoples auric field at first i was unable to control what i was seeing and sometime when i looked at people i had to turn away because the color where so bright, but as i sat in more and more development circles i began to learn how to control what i was seeing .From then on i developed the ability to feel and sense spirit people and then at around the age of 16 i bought my first set of tarot cards . I instinctively could understand the images in the cards no matter what deck i was using or use today the card just seemed to speak to me in my mind about what was happening. From then on i began to study wicca and druidism as the path i was on became more interesting with every step.I then developed the ability to see animal spirits and learnt not only do human beings have a soul so do animals ,i also i began to develop my healing skills at this point i was know around the age of 22. I then began to work inside the church and doing demonstration of medium ship for local charity function and communities around the uk which was very rewarding to do and see the enjoyment it can bring to people is amazing gift to give to someone. I then went on to study and become a Reki healer which took me 4 years to complete and i was attuned in stone henge which was again another amazing experience. Covered in rekie healing :- Reiki with crystals , water , how to protect your home with reki , absent healing , healing the past and soul, how to channel reki into objects , how to build up plasma balls of energy , hand position , the symbols of reki . I was also welcome into The Order Of Melchizedek at the level of the red feather of courage. other skills that i have gained on the way include :- Astrology palmistry runes Photograph readings - Again you need to show me the photograph of the person you need information about but you must remember the information given is from the photograph at that moment in time so if t s a few years old you get a reading from a few years ago etc . numerology Crystals Gazing Dowsing Pendulum work Tea leaves Clairvoyance Path working Meditation Demonology Crystals Pyromancy Crystal Oracle Readings Auric feild readings But for this you do need to have a webcam cause i need to be able to look at you to see the colours around you sometime i can get them from a voice vibration but its better if i can see the person. The types of reading i do cover a wide range of aspects in a person life and may also cover information concerning other people as well. Some possible subjects covered :- Work and Career Love life Family and Home Friends and relatives Money and Luck Affairs of the heart. Marriage Children Another area that i cover is the paranormal . I have my own equipment which includes knight vision camera, voice recorders for EVPs , CCTV kit , Thermometers , radios , sound equipment, ouija boards , torches .So if you think your house is haunted Give me a try and we might be able to solve what going on in your house and put it to rest. I also do house clearances as well and have been very successful with this. A lot of people think that ghost are bad but they are not always yeah you can get some spirit that are a bit on the naughty side but most of the spirits are mainly after recognition or just want to be acknowledged and spoken to , just imagine how frustrated you would be if you ware being ignored well that's how spirit can sometimes feel cause they can see us but we cant always see them. I have also had experience in levitation and table tipping as a form of communication with spirit .This is where you all sit round a table and ask the spirit to either try and lift the table or knock the table. ive also been involved with trance medium ship and overshadowing this is where you let the spirit take partial control of you to communicate with the people present within the sitting or seance that is being held I have also done what is known as rescue medium ship which is where you help spirit to cross over if they have been stuck or earthbound for any reason and this also involves house clearing as well which is where spirit are attached to buildings. I have also help with spirit attachments and how to help these spirits who are trapped within the human auric field or body to pass and leave the client who has the attachment with them. Love and Light Jon Moss The Order Of Melchizedek The Red Feather of courage The second level is called the Red Feather of Courage. To be initiated into this level you must have the courage and be willing to stand firm in service for God. Expect to be shunned, ignored, and ridiculed for your good deeds.

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