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Chat with Kydra - Tarot Reading and Western Astrology in Hungary online. 25-30 years of experience in Western Astrology. }l{ }l{ }l{ RENOWNED, CERTIFIED TOP ORANUM PSYCHIC, CHANCELLOR MEDIUM }I{ }I{ }I{ CHAT ROOM RULES 1 QUESTION ONLY GENERAL NOT PERSONAL,THEN GO PRIVATE, DEMOS, GREAT CHATS PLEASE JOIN ME}l{ }l{ }l{ ***************************************************TRUE BORN PSYCHIC************************************************************ !I'm from a descendant of a long line of Russian Psychics, great grandmother was a psychic to Rasputin! I am a tarot master,chancellor, em-path, high energy healer Clairvoyant International reader, worked on top psychic lines for 25 years, read 1000's people from all walks of life, and countries including celebrities, doctors, lawyers, psychologists as well as corporations! *****************************************************PSYCHIC ABILITIES************************************************************ Helped authorities find missing children. Clairvoyant spirit reader gifted with the ability to connect to energy through your vibrations, and Saint Dominique who helps me do Miracles, and Healing. Just by your name and questions of concern I can give you an in dept reading. Viewing my readings as a therapy-like experience, I provide you with real answers to your questions and helps you develop direction on the path to achieving your deepest desires. Self taught in psychology, for relationship counseling. Can see deep into the situations going on, spiritually and psychically. I offer an in depth reading and analysis of your situation, or area of concern, and together we will attempt too resolve it, a realistic prognosis to covering all questions whether it's for love, finance, or career. ******************************************THE TYPE OF READING I DO********************************************************** As a psychic chancellor and healer. I offer a multi-faceted approach too my readings, encompassing an in depth tarot reading if needed is a reading up to 6 months and I will tell you timing to each situation as I see it you should note them down. After the first thing I said that happened come back and see me for more guidance and direction. As I am also well adverse in psychology, to help give you advice and more guidance.for relationship counsel-ling. Can see deep into the situations going on, spiritually and psychically. My readings are about me empowering people, to be all they could be and help them see who they are and, what they can do and be! With my healing energies, and reading you will feel calm, centered, and clearer about all situations, with a positive two fold end result, either to uncover a problem area, and or to help a person with some suggestions, be it a self help book, etc. or give the client all the tools necessary for their own discovery of possible solutions. Into Buddhism for 25 years, Saint Dominique who helps me to heal and calm you, including my studies in religions and metaphysics 25 years, self mastery courses, and spiritualism! I To help you be all you could be, with my guidance! I include all my wisdom in my readings. Certified Psychic.....I am a top psychic given a certificate!! Chancellor... Channelling – involves leaving the body and being taken over by a spirit, who then talks through the psychic medium. Meta physician to be familiar with Seth writings by Jane Roberts, Edgar Cayce, Kryon, Lazaris, Pleiadians, Ramtha, whom I am like. Pure spirit, that is innately all knowing about the person and you! Medium..... Can read people that passed Tarot Master.... Use all 78 cards, read it fast and see your situation clearly Clairvoyant....Can pick up your situation, talks fast through spirit and taps into you right away, that is how I read. Energy healer ....Alternative medicine, Intuitive health worker as I can tap into your body and tell you what is wrong with you, not a diagnosis as I am not a doctor, I can tell you natural products you can take to be feeling your best, I use Saint Dominique that bring miracles for illness. Spiritual Adviser......Self help development to be knowledgeable to help others. Meditation private teaching for high level of meditation....Will teach you, and will raise your energy frequency and vibrations. By learning to use the Light and sound technique. Will help to bring you Love, Happiness and Abundance.I combine all of what I say, as I am more than a psychic. Life coach to help you in all areas of your life. Spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. You would need time with me so I think it will take 1 hour. For a complete, reading and life coach analysis. Special Services!!!! SPELLS, Taking prayer putting it into action. helping you to get what you want your true destiny. I am helping you as I do this with you. Private lesson Meditation to reach highest vibrations and frequency, to connect with spirit Miracle Healing, emotionally and physically through Saint Dominique ******************************************** JOIN ME IN MY FUN CHAT ROOM*************************** Please come and join me and you can ask me 1 question, not personal that will need a reading, as I do get on with registered guest, and if you have a question on love, or finance is not possible to give you a Yes or No answer, it is complex and difficult to read your energy with so many in the room! If you like a very accurate private reading, as I do get very personal. **********************************************MY STORY**************************************************************** About me, I am from Canada, Montreal, I realized my gift really when I was in my twenties, had started giving private readings in my moms restaurant,that was a land mark where many famous people came to when in town. One I was really lucky to meet and befriend was Celine Dion, she was just 19 and coming often to our place with Rene, whom she was so nervous about not knowing what was going to happen with him and her life. So, she asked me to give her a reading, and I saw a star right on her for head and was so amazed how I can see and feel her whole life with just looking at her for the first time never heard her music or anything yet, she was just started out but Rene said that they got an offer to sign her to sing the song Beauty and the Beast, I said definitely she will sign and that will be the beginning of a star being born, and that she was going to marry Renee have children and everything she can dream of beyond belief. She left for L.A. and I met her at the airport when she came back, as I was her friend and we hugged and she was shaking telling me how she couldn't believe it and I must be right about the rest, and I said you will see as time goes bye and when I saw all what I said happen I knew I had a special gift. Now here to help you as well and give you my insight to your dreams. ****** LOVE YOURSELF****** I have found that there is only one thing that heals every problem, and that is: to love yourself. When people start to love themselves more each day, it’s amazing how their lives get better. They feel better. They get the jobs they want. They have the money they need. Their relationships either improve, or the negative ones dissolve and new ones begin. Let the past go. You did the best you could at the time with the understanding, awareness, and knowledge that you had. Now you are growing and changing, and you will live life differently. Don’t Scare Yourself. Stop terrorizing yourself with your thoughts. It's a dreadful way to live. Find a mental image that gives you pleasure, and immediately switch your scary thought to a pleasure thought. Be Gentle and Kind and Patient. Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself as you learn the new ways of thinking. Treat yourself as you would someone you really loved. Be Kind to Your Mind. Self-hatred is only hating your own thoughts. Don't hate yourself for having the thoughts. Gently change your thoughts. Praise Yourself. Criticism breaks down the inner spirit. Praise builds it up. Praise yourself as much as you can. Tell yourself how well you are doing with every little thing. Support Yourself. Find ways to support yourself. Reach out to friends and allow them to help you. It is being strong to ask for help when you need it. Be Loving to Your Negatives. Acknowledge that you created them to fulfill a need. Now you are finding new, positive ways to fulfill those needs. So lovingly release the old negative patterns. Take Care of Your Body. Learn about nutrition. What kind of fuel does your body need in order to have optimum energy and vitality? Learn about exercise. What kind of exercise do you enjoy? Cherish and revere the temple you live in. Do Mirror Work. Look into your eyes often. Express this growing sense of love you have for yourself. Forgive yourself while looking into the mirror. Talk to your parents while looking into the mirror. Forgive them, too. At least once a day, say, "I love you, I really love you!" Love Yourself . . . Do It Now. Don't wait until you get well, or lose the weight, or get the new job, or find the new relationship. Begin now—and do the best you can. Have Fun. Remember the things that gave you joy as a child. Incorporate them into your life now. Find a way to have fun with everything you do. Let yourself express the joy of living. Smile. Laugh. Rejoice, and the Universe rejoices with you! Love&Light

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